Ana Mendez-Arista has 15+ years of experience in retail and operations of consumer goods, financial services and vaccines.

Ms. Mendez-Arista brings experience in market strategy from the banking industry, where she worked with teams in different countries in Europe, Mexico and Central America to ensure the product market strategy and messaging in each country was aligned to the established product branding guidelines set by global headquarters.

Ms. Mendez-Arista built the market strategy at Banco Azteca for its currency exchange and fine metals businesses and oversaw its operations and budget planning and control, working side by side with the Treasury, Regulatory Committee, IT and Legal department, Accounting and AML office. As currency exchange manager, Ms. Mendez-Arista showed strong commitment to the improvement of services for customers by training tellers, branch, and regional managers of over 1,700 branches.

Prior to that, Ms. Mendez-Arista was a member and active volunteer of the Fundación Pensamiento Libre, a Foundation committed full time with its work focusing on supporting its community, giving empowerment to those she worked with and encouraging the progress of each person. With a hands-on mindset, she worked in a Juvenile Detention Center for girls helping them to work on their high school tests so they could continue their education.

Ms. Mendez-Arista holds a bachelor ’s degree in Financial Management from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico.