Developing a best in class alternative vaccine technology to protect people who need it the most against upcoming coronaviruses and other infectious diseases

EdJen Biotech, the ICW Ventures project, was named in honor of the innovator of the first vaccine and the creator of the vaccination concept as we know it today, Edward Jenner.

EdJen was founded to creatively challenge current thought conventions and methodologies in order to re-invent and revolutionize the vaccine world to ultimately pioneer affordable and accessible vaccines for everyone.

EdJen Biotech is developing a new generation vaccine platform that will potentially improve efficacy, greatly reduced side effects, lower production and retail cost as well as shorten manufacturing time.

The breakthrough that enables this innovative new vaccine is that for the first time ever, EdJen can identify the individual peptides within a pathogen that the body’s immune system recognizes and targets to clear an infection.

With this information, EdJen has developed vaccines that only include the portions of a virus or bacteria that cause immunity, eliminating the need to include viral structures or genetic material in the formulation and thereby greatly reducing the risk of side-effects.

EdJen has demonstrated the viability of this vaccine innovation with previous research and work in Influenza, Zika, Measles, Mumps, and Vaccinia, and is now developing a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2.

EdJen Biotech is built upon on 2 decades of scientific research by a highly talented team dedicated to identify peptide-based immune responses.

EdJen Biotech is harnessing partnerships with the most recognized public health companies to make this scientific platform not only a breakthrough innovation but also an equitable vaccine solution.

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